Supporting our mission to produce Black Leadership for the Digital Age: Culturally Conscious Role Models and Meaningful Participants in the Digital Landscape, Message Media Ed presents, Diversity Leaders Boot Camp.

Diversity Leaders

Where the Art of Media Education Meets African

American Culture & Leadership Development


Learn to enhance communication with your youth/mentee! Learn dropout prevention techniques! Explore career goals with your youth! Learn what challenges our youth experience daily and how to overcome them! Learn how and what influence media advertising has on your teen's self-perspective and ways to change it for the better! Build a support network for your youth! In Los Angeles, 52% of African American youth dropout of high school annually. Let's solidify their support system today! DIVERSITY LEADERS BOOT CAMP is a 5-hour workshop intensive that combines the African American experience with media education and leadership development activities, as professional development tools. Upon completion, youth create a video podcast: a statement of their vision for the African American community and the role they will play in achieving that vision.

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