A 10-part, mixed-media, critical thinking and empowerment workshop series, designed specifically for African American high school dropouts and youth at-risk of giving up on their education, ages 14-25. Much like the sidewalk game of HOPSCOTCH - choosing and hurdling over obstacles to complete a path - students draw from and build upon multiple means of communication and creative expression to support the direction of their individual life path. Combining Multi-Media Arts Education, African American Studies & Career Mentoring, participants are empowered with the tools to discover their true potential, self-image and life purpose; taking ownership of choice in innovative, productive and responsible ways. Using the tools of multi-media arts education and project-based learning techniques, participants explore and foster the life and job skills needed to successfully enter and diversify the workforce of the 21st Century. Targeted skill development include: leadership, presentation, problem solving, task completion, critical thinking, collaboration, visioning, and more.

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